Grant Opportunity

Do you have an idea that would help enhance the educational experience of Stow-Munroe Falls City School District students? Then apply for a $500 grant to bring your idea to life!


Who is eligible: Any classified or certified staff member whose grant application meets all requirements.

Amount: $500 one-time grant

Grants Awarded: A total of 10, $500 grants will be awarded. Grants may not be split, meaning two people cannot go together and apply for a $1,000 grant; however; people may work together to apply for one of the $500 grants.

Deadline: All grant applications must be received by April 3.

Qualifications: The grant must:

·      Have an impact on student safety AND/OR improve teaching and learning

·      State the number of people and/or students it will impact

·      Be tied to our district’s strategic plan

·      Be sustainable and that sustainability can be explained

·      Contain a short summary of 250 words or less describing the project, its goal and its impact

·      Be turned in by the deadline, April 3


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