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BallartTiffany  -  Sign Language Interpreter 330-689-5445
[Email] for Tiffany Ballart [Profile] for Tiffany Ballart
BellAmy  -  ESC Teacher 330-689-5445
[Email] for Amy Bell [Profile] for Amy Bell
BengstonHappy  -  Title 1 Coordinator 330-689-5445
[Email] for Happy Bengston [Profile] for Happy Bengston
BerardiDebbi  -  Intervention Specialist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Debbi Berardi [Profile] for Debbi Berardi
BirdBob  -  Technology Coordinator 330-689-5445
[Email] for Bob Bird [Profile] for Bob Bird
BlankZoe  -  Public Relations Intern 330-869-5445
[Email] for Zoe Blank [Profile] for Zoe Blank
BradshawBetty  -  Administrative Secretary 330-689-5445
[Email] for Betty Bradshaw [Profile] for Betty Bradshaw
BrattenTom  -  Superintendent 330-689-5445
[Email] for Tom Bratten [Profile] for Tom Bratten
BrownKaren  -  Assistant Treasurer 330-689-5445
[Email] for Karen Brown [Profile] for Karen Brown
BrownNancy  -  Board Member 3306070099
[Email] for Nancy Brown [Profile] for Nancy Brown
CalhounCasey  -  Intervention Specialist
[Email] for Casey Calhoun [Profile] for Casey Calhoun
CameronNicole  -  Student Registration 330-689-5445
[Email] for Nicole Cameron [Profile] for Nicole Cameron
CampbellScott  -  Director of Operations 330-689-5445
[Email] for Scott Campbell [Profile] for Scott Campbell
CastoLucy  -  Administrative Secretary 330-689-5445
[Email] for Lucy Casto [Profile] for Lucy Casto
ChapmanKaren  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Karen Chapman [Profile] for Karen Chapman
CollierIisha  -  User 330-689-5445
[Email] for Iisha Collier [Profile] for Iisha Collier
ConradAmy  -  User 330-689-5445
[Email] for Amy Conrad [Profile] for Amy Conrad
CranoCody  -  Desktop Support Specialist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Cody Crano [Profile] for Cody Crano
CrawfordCaulyn  -  Teacher of the Deaf 330-689-5300
[Email] for Caulyn Crawford [Profile] for Caulyn Crawford
DiLulloCristina  -  Teacher of the Visually Impaired 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cristina DiLullo [Profile] for Cristina DiLullo
EddyKathy  -  Physical Therapist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Kathy Eddy [Profile] for Kathy Eddy
EspositoMike  -  Speech Language Pathologist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Mike Esposito [Profile] for Mike Esposito
ForchioneLaura  -  Technology Integration Director 330-689-5445
[Email] for Laura Forchione [Profile] for Laura Forchione
FredmonskyRebecca  -  Gifted Coordinator 330-689-5300
[Email] for Rebecca Fredmonsky [Profile] for Rebecca Fredmonsky
GotshallJames  -  Director of Bulldogs Academy 330-689-5445
[Email] for James Gotshall [Profile] for James Gotshall
GressRob  -  Director of Operations 330-689-5445
[Email] for Rob Gress [Profile] for Rob Gress
GriswoldMarla  -  OT 330-689-5445
[Email] for Marla Griswold [Profile] for Marla Griswold
GummereTrevor  -  Treasurer 330-689-5445
[Email] for Trevor Gummere [Profile] for Trevor Gummere
HawleyBeverly  -  Accounts Payable 330-689-5445
[Email] for Beverly Hawley [Profile] for Beverly Hawley
HricikRiley  -  Public Relations Intern 330-689-5445
[Email] for Riley Hricik [Profile] for Riley Hricik
JusticeBrandon  -  Public Relations Intern 330-689-5445
[Email] for Brandon Justice [Profile] for Brandon Justice
KennerknechtAmy  -  Teacher of the Visually Impaired 330-689-5320
[Email] for Amy Kennerknecht [Profile] for Amy Kennerknecht
KostyackMaria  -  Long-Term Sub 330-689-5445
[Email] for Maria Kostyack [Profile] for Maria Kostyack
KostyackMichael  -  Director of Human Resources 330-689-5445
[Email] for Michael Kostyack [Profile] for Michael Kostyack
LacosteJohn  -  Educational Ambassador 330-689-5320
[Email] for John Lacoste [Profile] for John Lacoste
LintelmanRose  -  OT 330-689-5445
[Email] for Rose Lintelman [Profile] for Rose Lintelman
LongoriaMichelle  -  Payroll Specialist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Michelle Longoria [Profile] for Michelle Longoria
MarklandLaura  -  Aide - SPED
[Email] for Laura Markland [Profile] for Laura Markland
McClintockJoshua  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Joshua McClintock [Profile] for Joshua McClintock
MillerJulie  -  User 330-689-5445
[Email] for Julie Miller [Profile] for Julie Miller
MorrealeKelly  -  Speech Language Pathologist 330-689-5450
[Email] for Kelly Morreale [Profile] for Kelly Morreale
PadulaFranca  -  Administrative Secretary 330-689-5445
[Email] for Franca Padula [Profile] for Franca Padula
PiferSharon  -  Aide - Media Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sharon Pifer [Profile] for Sharon Pifer
ProughKristen  -  Assistant Superintendent / Director of Special Services 330-689-5445
[Email] for Kristen Prough [Profile] for Kristen Prough
ReeseLisa  -  Tutor - Remedial 330-689-5445
[Email] for Lisa Reese [Profile] for Lisa Reese
RobertsJulie  -  Title 1 330-689-5445
[Email] for Julie Roberts [Profile] for Julie Roberts
RobertsJulie  -  Administrative Secretary 330-689-5445
[Email] for Julie Roberts [Profile] for Julie Roberts
RosenMary  -  Payroll Specialist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Mary Rosen [Profile] for Mary Rosen
RyanDawn  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5470
[Email] for Dawn Ryan [Profile] for Dawn Ryan
SanfreyBeth  -  EMIS Coordinator 330-689-5445
[Email] for Beth Sanfrey [Profile] for Beth Sanfrey
SchaffnerKatherine  -  Physical Therapist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Katherine Schaffner [Profile] for Katherine Schaffner
SearcyKristen  -  OT 330-689-5445
[Email] for Kristen Searcy [Profile] for Kristen Searcy
SedorTammy  -  Secretary - Activities 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tammy Sedor [Profile] for Tammy Sedor
ShafferTammy  - 
[Email] for Tammy Shaffer [Profile] for Tammy Shaffer
ShaheenDiane  -  Administrative Secretary 330-689-5445
[Email] for Diane Shaheen [Profile] for Diane Shaheen
SkoverColleen  -  AESOP Admin 330-689-5445
[Email] for Colleen Skover [Profile] for Colleen Skover
SpencerEric  -  Technology Coordinator 330-689-5445
[Email] for Eric Spencer [Profile] for Eric Spencer
StollDustin  -  Desktop Support Specialist 330-689-5445
[Email] for Dustin Stoll [Profile] for Dustin Stoll
StoutBrittany  -  OT 330-689-5445
[Email] for Brittany Stout [Profile] for Brittany Stout
TaylorAnnie  -  Public Relations Intern 330-689-5445
[Email] for Annie Taylor [Profile] for Annie Taylor
TiltonTammy  -  AESOP Admin - Sub 330-689-5445
[Email] for Tammy Tilton [Profile] for Tammy Tilton
WrightJessica  -  Board Member
[Email] for Jessica Wright [Profile] for Jessica Wright
Zgrabik-MisterkaMaryKay  -  Special Education Supervisor 330-689-5445
[Email] for MaryKay Zgrabik-Misterka [Profile] for MaryKay Zgrabik-Misterka
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