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AbellTodd  -  Teacher - Art 330-689-5300
[Email] for Todd Abell [Profile] for Todd Abell
ArcherJulie  -  Receptionist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Julie Archer [Profile] for Julie Archer
BadarAmanda  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Amanda Badar [Profile] for Amanda Badar
BaileyJennifer  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jennifer Bailey [Profile] for Jennifer Bailey
BehalSarah  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sarah Behal [Profile] for Sarah Behal
BellAmy  -  ESC Teacher 330-689-5445
[Email] for Amy Bell [Profile] for Amy Bell
BiggsWilliam  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for William Biggs [Profile] for William Biggs
BileyJacob  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jacob Biley [Profile] for Jacob Biley
BlackCurtis  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Curtis Black [Profile] for Curtis Black
BoardwineDesiree  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Desiree Boardwine [Profile] for Desiree Boardwine
BodnarAudrey  -  Teacher - Compact Intervention 330-689-5300
[Email] for Audrey Bodnar [Profile] for Audrey Bodnar
BoyleTyler  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tyler Boyle [Profile] for Tyler Boyle
BranchikJames  -  Teacher 330-689-5300
[Email] for James Branchik [Profile] for James Branchik
BrewerShelly  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Shelly Brewer [Profile] for Shelly Brewer
BrittonKim  -  Secretary - Attendance 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kim Britton [Profile] for Kim Britton
BrownColleen  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for Colleen Brown [Profile] for Colleen Brown
BrownGeorge  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for George Brown [Profile] for George Brown
BrownJames  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for James Brown [Profile] for James Brown
BrownKaren  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Karen Brown [Profile] for Karen Brown
BuckholdtJennifer  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jennifer Buckholdt [Profile] for Jennifer Buckholdt
BukoskyKerry  -  Long Term-Sub Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Kerry Bukosky [Profile] for Kerry Bukosky
BurdetteTina  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tina Burdette [Profile] for Tina Burdette
BurmeisterTracy  -  Secretary - Principal 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tracy Burmeister [Profile] for Tracy Burmeister
CameronNicole  -  Student Registration 330-689-5445
[Email] for Nicole Cameron [Profile] for Nicole Cameron
CampagnaNicholas  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nicholas Campagna [Profile] for Nicholas Campagna
CanepaEmma  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Emma Canepa [Profile] for Emma Canepa
CarmenCameron  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cameron Carmen [Profile] for Cameron Carmen
CasalinovaElyse  -  Coach - Soccer 330-689-5300
[Email] for Elyse Casalinova [Profile] for Elyse Casalinova
CastilloElicia  -  Teacher - Spanish 330-689-5300
[Email] for Elicia Castillo [Profile] for Elicia Castillo
ChaconNolan  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nolan Chacon [Profile] for Nolan Chacon
ChristopherLisa  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lisa Christopher [Profile] for Lisa Christopher
ClarkCynthia  -  Secretary - Attendance 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cynthia Clark [Profile] for Cynthia Clark
CloseDavid  -  Teacher - Math/TWE Coordinator 330-689-5300
[Email] for David Close [Profile] for David Close
ClosePatricia  -  Resident Education Coordinator 330-689-5300
[Email] for Patricia Close [Profile] for Patricia Close
CombsWendy  -  Cook 330-689-5288
[Email] for Wendy Combs [Profile] for Wendy Combs
ConleyAmber  -  Custodian 330-689-5250
[Email] for Amber Conley [Profile] for Amber Conley
CottrillAnn  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Ann Cottrill [Profile] for Ann Cottrill
CrabtreeCheryl  -  Monitor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cheryl Crabtree [Profile] for Cheryl Crabtree
CrawfordCaulyn  -  Teacher of the Deaf 330-689-5300
[Email] for Caulyn Crawford [Profile] for Caulyn Crawford
CummingsHeather  -  Athletic Trainer 330-689-5300
[Email] for Heather Cummings [Profile] for Heather Cummings
DayVirginia  -  Bus Driver 330-689-5234
[Email] for Virginia Day [Profile] for Virginia Day
DeanLauren  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lauren Dean [Profile] for Lauren Dean
DeckerMichael  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Michael Decker [Profile] for Michael Decker
DeiulisNino  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nino Deiulis [Profile] for Nino Deiulis
DelFerraroJodi  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jodi DelFerraro [Profile] for Jodi DelFerraro
DiEugenioMargaret  -  Student Success 330-689-5300
[Email] for Margaret DiEugenio [Profile] for Margaret DiEugenio
DishongMichael  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Michael Dishong [Profile] for Michael Dishong
DomonkasChristine  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Christine Domonkas [Profile] for Christine Domonkas
DonatelliAmanda  -  Cook 330-689-5288
[Email] for Amanda Donatelli [Profile] for Amanda Donatelli
DoudAdam  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Adam Doud [Profile] for Adam Doud
EdwardsJennifer  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jennifer Edwards [Profile] for Jennifer Edwards
EllisKatelyn  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Katelyn Ellis [Profile] for Katelyn Ellis
FarmerMichael  -  Custodian 330-689-5320
[Email] for Michael Farmer [Profile] for Michael Farmer
FeldmanCyle  -  Athletic Director 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cyle Feldman [Profile] for Cyle Feldman
FennellShaun  -  Teacher - Physical Education 330-689-5300
[Email] for Shaun Fennell [Profile] for Shaun Fennell
FetzerApril  -  Bus Driver/Cook 330-689-5234
[Email] for April Fetzer [Profile] for April Fetzer
FlattJason  -  Coach Baseball 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jason Flatt [Profile] for Jason Flatt
FoldessyLori  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lori Foldessy [Profile] for Lori Foldessy
ForbesAubree  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Aubree Forbes [Profile] for Aubree Forbes
ForsythKaren  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Karen Forsyth [Profile] for Karen Forsyth
FosterLinda  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Linda Foster [Profile] for Linda Foster
FredmonskyRebecca  -  Gifted Coordinator 330-689-5300
[Email] for Rebecca Fredmonsky [Profile] for Rebecca Fredmonsky
GarstJill  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jill Garst [Profile] for Jill Garst
GeloneseTheresa  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Theresa Gelonese [Profile] for Theresa Gelonese
GentryCaitlin  -  Track Coach 330-689-5300
[Email] for Caitlin Gentry [Profile] for Caitlin Gentry
GiangasperoShelley  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Shelley Giangaspero [Profile] for Shelley Giangaspero
GilsonMary  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Mary Gilson [Profile] for Mary Gilson
HagenbaughCandace  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Candace Hagenbaugh [Profile] for Candace Hagenbaugh
HansenMegan  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Megan Hansen [Profile] for Megan Hansen
HarderAdam  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Adam Harder [Profile] for Adam Harder
HarrisCarrie  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Carrie Harris [Profile] for Carrie Harris
HarrisonCarl  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for Carl Harrison [Profile] for Carl Harrison
HartmannJeff  -  Principal 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jeff Hartmann [Profile] for Jeff Hartmann
HaughtEvelyn  -  Assistant Principal 330-689-5300
[Email] for Evelyn Haught [Profile] for Evelyn Haught
HawleyChristopher  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Christopher Hawley [Profile] for Christopher Hawley
HeartyAngela  -  Secretary - Athletics 330-689-5300
[Email] for Angela Hearty [Profile] for Angela Hearty
HeilmeierLisa  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lisa Heilmeier [Profile] for Lisa Heilmeier
HelmickDavid  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for David Helmick [Profile] for David Helmick
HendersonDinah  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Dinah Henderson [Profile] for Dinah Henderson
HerbertDenise  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Denise Herbert [Profile] for Denise Herbert
HerbertDouglas  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Douglas Herbert [Profile] for Douglas Herbert
HickmanChristina  -  Teacher - GRADS 330-689-5300
[Email] for Christina Hickman [Profile] for Christina Hickman
HinmanRyan  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Ryan Hinman [Profile] for Ryan Hinman
HooverSamantha  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Samantha Hoover [Profile] for Samantha Hoover
HowardCatherine  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Catherine Howard [Profile] for Catherine Howard
HowellBecky  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Becky Howell [Profile] for Becky Howell
HustedDebbie  -  Activity Clerk 330-689-5300
[Email] for Debbie Husted [Profile] for Debbie Husted
JacksonKardell  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kardell Jackson [Profile] for Kardell Jackson
JameysonSamantha  -  Teacher - Health 330-689-5300
[Email] for Samantha Jameyson [Profile] for Samantha Jameyson
JarvisMichelle  -  Bus Driver/Cook 330-689-5234
[Email] for Michelle Jarvis [Profile] for Michelle Jarvis
JonesJoyeanna  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Joyeanna Jones [Profile] for Joyeanna Jones
JonesMichele  -  CafĂ© Manager 330-689-5300
[Email] for Michele Jones [Profile] for Michele Jones
JonesNicholas  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nicholas Jones [Profile] for Nicholas Jones
JordanTatiana  -  Teacher - Spanish 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tatiana Jordan [Profile] for Tatiana Jordan
KaineGretchen  -  Teacher - Art 330-689-5300
[Email] for Gretchen Kaine [Profile] for Gretchen Kaine
KanagaGlenn  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Glenn Kanaga [Profile] for Glenn Kanaga
KeadleElizabeth  -  Coach - Field Hockey 330-689-5300
[Email] for Elizabeth Keadle [Profile] for Elizabeth Keadle
KeenerLisa  -  Bus Aide 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lisa Keener [Profile] for Lisa Keener
KesterDana  -  Teacher - Spanish 330-689-5300
[Email] for Dana Kester [Profile] for Dana Kester
KiblerAngela  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Angela Kibler [Profile] for Angela Kibler
KinkophDean  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Dean Kinkoph [Profile] for Dean Kinkoph
KnettelZakary  -  Coach Baseball 330-689-5300
[Email] for Zakary Knettel [Profile] for Zakary Knettel
KosmalaKyle  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kyle Kosmala [Profile] for Kyle Kosmala
KuckoLaura  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Laura Kucko [Profile] for Laura Kucko
KyserMorgen  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Morgen Kyser [Profile] for Morgen Kyser
LamboyLindsay  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lindsay Lamboy [Profile] for Lindsay Lamboy
LanciKelly  -  Teacher - Media Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kelly Lanci [Profile] for Kelly Lanci
LaneAmber  -  Coach - Volleyball 330-689-5300
[Email] for Amber Lane [Profile] for Amber Lane
LeErick  -  TWE - Senior Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Erick Le [Profile] for Erick Le
LeeTracey  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tracey Lee [Profile] for Tracey Lee
LeonardiSherri  -  Secretary - Guidance 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sherri Leonardi [Profile] for Sherri Leonardi
LePardJason  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jason LePard [Profile] for Jason LePard
LewandowskiBeth  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Beth Lewandowski [Profile] for Beth Lewandowski
LewisThomas  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Thomas Lewis [Profile] for Thomas Lewis
LuketichDaniel  -  Coach - Lacrosse 330-689-5300
[Email] for Daniel Luketich [Profile] for Daniel Luketich
LumleySara  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sara Lumley [Profile] for Sara Lumley
LundPeter  -  Teacher 330-689-5300
[Email] for Peter Lund [Profile] for Peter Lund
LyonRachel  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Rachel Lyon [Profile] for Rachel Lyon
MahoodJenna  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jenna Mahood [Profile] for Jenna Mahood
MarcumNicole (Deborah)  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nicole (Deborah) Marcum [Profile] for Nicole (Deborah) Marcum
MartauColin  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Colin Martau [Profile] for Colin Martau
MartinelliTom  -  Teacher 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tom Martinelli [Profile] for Tom Martinelli
MasonCassidy  -  Psychologist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cassidy Mason [Profile] for Cassidy Mason
MateVictoria  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Victoria Mate [Profile] for Victoria Mate
MattesGarrett  -  Teacher - Industrial Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Garrett Mattes [Profile] for Garrett Mattes
MayerAlexandria  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Alexandria Mayer [Profile] for Alexandria Mayer
McCoyNichole  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nichole McCoy [Profile] for Nichole McCoy
McMahanAlex  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Alex McMahan [Profile] for Alex McMahan
MerrillJessica  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jessica Merrill [Profile] for Jessica Merrill
MerzJill  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jill Merz [Profile] for Jill Merz
MilushMichael  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Michael Milush [Profile] for Michael Milush
MorganDavid  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for David Morgan [Profile] for David Morgan
MorrisAaron  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Aaron Morris [Profile] for Aaron Morris
MowlsLisa  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lisa Mowls [Profile] for Lisa Mowls
MoyerJohn  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for John Moyer [Profile] for John Moyer
MurrayAmanda  -  Assistant Principal 330-689-5300
[Email] for Amanda Murray [Profile] for Amanda Murray
MyersLisa  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lisa Myers [Profile] for Lisa Myers
NaugleJeffrey  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jeffrey Naugle [Profile] for Jeffrey Naugle
NewmanGreg  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Greg Newman [Profile] for Greg Newman
NoviskiSarah  -  Speech Language Pathologist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sarah Noviski [Profile] for Sarah Noviski
NowakAmy  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Amy Nowak [Profile] for Amy Nowak
NuzumPatti  -  Monitor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Patti Nuzum [Profile] for Patti Nuzum
O'DonnellLisa  -  Teacher - Art 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lisa O'Donnell [Profile] for Lisa O'Donnell
O'DonnellMelissa  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Melissa O'Donnell [Profile] for Melissa O'Donnell
O'KeefeAndrew  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Andrew O'Keefe [Profile] for Andrew O'Keefe
PaulWendy  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Wendy Paul [Profile] for Wendy Paul
PayneLaura  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Laura Payne [Profile] for Laura Payne
PeterreErica  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Erica Peterre [Profile] for Erica Peterre
PetersGlen  -  Teacher - Industrial Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Glen Peters [Profile] for Glen Peters
PetersonKevin  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kevin Peterson [Profile] for Kevin Peterson
PfeifferSamantha  -  CHC Counselor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Samantha Pfeiffer [Profile] for Samantha Pfeiffer
PhillipsThomas  -  Teacher - At Risk Coordinator 330-689-5300
[Email] for Thomas Phillips [Profile] for Thomas Phillips
PierceJennifer  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jennifer Pierce [Profile] for Jennifer Pierce
PocekMaria  -  Teacher - Language Arts Gifted 330-689-5300
[Email] for Maria Pocek [Profile] for Maria Pocek
PooleTrina  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Trina Poole [Profile] for Trina Poole
PoulinGregory  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Gregory Poulin [Profile] for Gregory Poulin
PoulinKatie  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Katie Poulin [Profile] for Katie Poulin
PropstElizabeth  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Elizabeth Propst [Profile] for Elizabeth Propst
PurcellKristie  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kristie Purcell [Profile] for Kristie Purcell
RamirezMiguel  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Miguel Ramirez [Profile] for Miguel Ramirez
RemenaricTodd  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Todd Remenaric [Profile] for Todd Remenaric
RennerTimothy  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Timothy Renner [Profile] for Timothy Renner
RichardsLisa  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Lisa Richards [Profile] for Lisa Richards
RuehrMary  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Mary Ruehr [Profile] for Mary Ruehr
RuthKelly  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kelly Ruth [Profile] for Kelly Ruth
SabettaSarah  -  Cook 330-689-5330
[Email] for Sarah Sabetta [Profile] for Sarah Sabetta
SabettaTara  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tara Sabetta [Profile] for Tara Sabetta
SandmanSandra  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sandra Sandman [Profile] for Sandra Sandman
ScelzaJames  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for James Scelza [Profile] for James Scelza
SchoonoverBeth  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for Beth Schoonover [Profile] for Beth Schoonover
SciaraJohn  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for John Sciara [Profile] for John Sciara
SeckingerCourtney  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Courtney Seckinger [Profile] for Courtney Seckinger
SedorTammy  -  Secretary - Activities 330-689-5300
[Email] for Tammy Sedor [Profile] for Tammy Sedor
SennMiranda  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Miranda Senn [Profile] for Miranda Senn
ShiffletKelly  -  Teacher - Japanese 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kelly Shifflet [Profile] for Kelly Shifflet
ShortsMegan  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5300
[Email] for Megan Shorts [Profile] for Megan Shorts
SimpsonTammy  -  Custodian 330-689-5288
[Email] for Tammy Simpson [Profile] for Tammy Simpson
SlamaJudith  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Judith Slama [Profile] for Judith Slama
SmythEvan  -  TWE - Senior Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Evan Smyth [Profile] for Evan Smyth
SobolKelsey  -  Coach - Volleyball
[Email] for Kelsey Sobol [Profile] for Kelsey Sobol
SpringfordNancy  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nancy Springford [Profile] for Nancy Springford
StanekJennifer  -  Teacher - Spanish 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jennifer Stanek [Profile] for Jennifer Stanek
StarkeyNicole  -  Teacher - Sign Language 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nicole Starkey [Profile] for Nicole Starkey
SteffenConstance  -  Monitor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Constance Steffen [Profile] for Constance Steffen
StrattonShawn  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Shawn Stratton [Profile] for Shawn Stratton
SupportTWE  -  TWE Student Technician 330-689-5300
[Email] for TWE Support [Profile] for TWE Support
SurrenaMichelle  -  Teacher - Art 330-689-5300
[Email] for Michelle Surrena [Profile] for Michelle Surrena
SwartzSusan  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Susan Swartz [Profile] for Susan Swartz
SyvanychDaniel  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Daniel Syvanych [Profile] for Daniel Syvanych
TatoczenkoNicholas  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nicholas Tatoczenko [Profile] for Nicholas Tatoczenko
TheisenSuzanne  -  Coach - Assistant - Speech & Debate 330-689-5300
[Email] for Suzanne Theisen [Profile] for Suzanne Theisen
ThompsonMelissa  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Melissa Thompson [Profile] for Melissa Thompson
TichnellMeghann  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5288
[Email] for Meghann Tichnell [Profile] for Meghann Tichnell
TinklerMartin  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5300
[Email] for Martin Tinkler [Profile] for Martin Tinkler
TreenMark  -  Assistant Principal 330-689-5300
[Email] for Mark Treen [Profile] for Mark Treen
TubbsMcKenna  -  Coach Lacrosse 330-689-5300
[Email] for McKenna Tubbs [Profile] for McKenna Tubbs
UrigJessica  -  Coach Lacrosse 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jessica Urig [Profile] for Jessica Urig
UrsettiTeresa  -  Aide - Restaurant 330-689-5300
[Email] for Teresa Ursetti [Profile] for Teresa Ursetti
ViscusoTimothy  -  Teacher - Phsyical Education 330-689-5300
[Email] for Timothy Viscuso [Profile] for Timothy Viscuso
VitoneSherryLynn  -  Speech Therapist 330-689-5300
[Email] for SherryLynn Vitone [Profile] for SherryLynn Vitone
WalkoBrenda  -  Math Intervention Support 330-689-5300
[Email] for Brenda Walko [Profile] for Brenda Walko
WeberJohn  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5300
[Email] for John Weber [Profile] for John Weber
WhiteGary  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for Gary White [Profile] for Gary White
WhiteheadAbigail  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5300
[Email] for Abigail Whitehead [Profile] for Abigail Whitehead
WhitmerTeresa  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Teresa Whitmer [Profile] for Teresa Whitmer
WilchJennette  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jennette Wilch [Profile] for Jennette Wilch
WilliamsJacob  -  Teacher - Art 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jacob Williams [Profile] for Jacob Williams
WilmotMichael  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5250
[Email] for Michael Wilmot [Profile] for Michael Wilmot
WintersNatalie  -  Coach Track & Field 330-689-5300
[Email] for Natalie Winters [Profile] for Natalie Winters
WohlwendAngela  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Angela Wohlwend [Profile] for Angela Wohlwend
WolfeCecil  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cecil Wolfe [Profile] for Cecil Wolfe
WolfeJennifer  -  Teacher - Health 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jennifer Wolfe [Profile] for Jennifer Wolfe
Wright-GonosKelly  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5300
[Email] for Kelly Wright-Gonos [Profile] for Kelly Wright-Gonos
WulffPaul  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Paul Wulff [Profile] for Paul Wulff
WyantJoanne  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
[Email] for Joanne Wyant [Profile] for Joanne Wyant
YoergerKatrina  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Katrina Yoerger [Profile] for Katrina Yoerger
ZapponeTracy  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5288
[Email] for Tracy Zappone [Profile] for Tracy Zappone
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